Doramoda, which has owners of over 20 years of experience in this industry from the bottom to the top, was founded offically in the begining of 2011 within the 1000m² fabrication and 3000m² washing facilities. Doramoda took its place in global textile industry very quickly and consistently thanks to the experiences of all of its workers who are long-rooted in the industry. With the everyday increasing rate of customer pleasure and manufacturing capacity, Doramoda emphatically managed to make it to these successful days with almost perfection. The customer pleasure has been the most important factor for us since the day we have created Doramoda. Doramoda, for which high quality manufacturing procedures, environmental awareness and using high-tech equipments in every possible way has been part of its developing strategies, has accepted the delivery of its high quality services with no hitches and always at the right time as a principle. As a result of always aiming forward, constantly having notice of every bit of the industry and following every progress related to designings, Doramoda have a flow of growing continually. With the outstanding service quality, Doramoda is gaining power and becoming widespread all over the world without making any sacrifices from its vision&mission.

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